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Loss prevention in the retail businesses is concerned with inventory shrinkage and the shortage of currency. Losses related to POS transactions can be a major cause of shrinkage. An effective POS-DVR surveillance solution can help employers deal with these situations.

Kerr Surveillance systems use video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect assets against business losses. While working in conjunction with GV-Data Capture, the GV-Series surveillance system can turn into a POS/DVR surveillance system, which helps you with tools to remotely monitor cashier area, associate POS transaction data with videos, record videos for retroactive analysis, and even output alarms for emergency events.


Many years of experience working with the restaurant industry allows us to understand the specific concerns of both quick serve and table service operators.

We will customize a system that meets the needs of your specific locations and address the common concerns of restaurant operators such as slip and fall liability, monetary theft, sweetheart deals, losing product out the back door, extended wait times at the drive thru, proper staffing levels during peak and slow periods etc…

Convenience Stores

Kerr Surveillance understands the specific needs of convenience stores. With tight margins on gasoline, convenience stores must protect and expand the profitability of their other products.

Our products include POS Integration which allows operators to monitor suspicious transactions, flag alcohol, tobacco and lottery ticket sales, and much more. Audio monitoring ensures that customers are age checked for liquor and tobacco products while also ensuring your customers are being greeted and thanked, loyalty cards are being offered, and other policies are being followed according to your operating procedures.

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