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IP and Analog Cameras – A full line including Fisheye, dome, box, vandal domes, PTZ, and many more. We also offer the newest Super Low Lux cameras for superior color and clarity in low light environments.

Full line of DVRs and Recording Devices – Kerr Surveillance offers a number of DVR/NVR units that can accommodate an unlimited number of cameras. We also offer central monitoring options so you can view all your locations from a central location. All DVR/NVR solutions also include remote viewing via your choice of desktop/laptop computers, tablets, iPhone, or Android devices.

POS Integration – Video text overlay technology to provide visual contextual awareness that helps reduce shrinkage and protect assets against business losses. Main features include: abnormal transaction alerts, ability to search pre-defined transaction criteria, cash drawer input setting, adjustable POS text font, text color, background color and text alignment on screen and video files. Most important, our systems allow you to perform advanced database searches through the POS feed to determine quickly who the operator was that performed anything out of the ordinary.

Audio Monitoring and Two Way Audio – While a picture is worth a thousand words, hearing the actual words that are said between your customers and employees can potentially be worth thousands of dollars. Monitor customer service, catch short-change artists, and protect yourself from potential lawsuits by monitoring audio in all your locations.

License Plate Capture – Network cameras designed solely for recognition of reflective license plates on vehicles traveling at 120 km/hr (74.6 mph) or less. With its high-power LEDs and intelligent IR, the cameras is able to automatically adjust its shutter speed to the scene and produce clear license plate capture under low-light conditions.

Access Control – Access control systems including software that integrates with digital video monitoring, web-based management tools and central station reporting. Video clips can be recalled through the software, based on time, alarm or event. Also includes a total time-keeping solution preventing employees from “stealing time”.

People Counting Technology – Determine which employees and/or times of day have the highest sales percentage! Our people counting technology provides you with meaningful statistics to determine how many people walk in your store vs. how many actually make purchases. Includes a feature rich web interface to look up people counting data and charts.

Vital Sign Monitoring – Browse events for system service, connection, login/logout, motion detection, trigger, and alarm, view event log, respond to alerts of video lost, motion detection, I/O module lost, I/O triggered, connection lost, surveillance system abnormality, intruder, missing object, unattended object, POS loss prevention, and disk full. Send notification via alarms, SMS, and e-mail alerts

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