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Our Approach

Many times surveillance cameras are almost an after thought and are installed in conjunction with alarm systems as an "add-on".  At Kerr Surveillance, our specialty is surveillance cameras.  We take great care to ensure that your system is the right solution, customized to meet your specific needs.  We also understand how critical it is that your system be not only state of the art, but also easy to use.  Whether you need a phone app, computer monitoring, or both, we have the right solution for you.

Our Story

Kerr Surveillance began in 2008 specializing in CCTV systems for the restaurant industry.  Over time, we have grown and our customers now include not only restaurants but also other commercial businesses including professional, retail, convenience stores, and even churches and schools.  Our product line has also grown to include TVI (HD over coax) camera systems, IP camera systems, access control, as well as advanced networking equipment including VPNs as well as commercial Wi-Fi.

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